Body Yogurt

The Body Shop's Body Yogurts are one of my must-have products- you've never experienced anything like them!

•A lightweight gel-cream formula that absorbs in a flash •48hrs of moisture •Skin feels hydrated, softer and even looks more radiant •Enriched with Community Fair Trade organic almond milk from Spain •In a hurry? It works on damp skin too!

Strawberry Body Yogurt

The perfect scent for tweens and teens! (Or 5-year-olds that think they’re 15).

This lightweight body moisturizer is sweetly scented- girls love it!

Apply to damp skin straight after showering for skin that feels smoother and never sticky, with the scent of sweet, juicy strawberries. The gel-cream is 100% vegan, enriched with strawberry juice and Community Trade organic almond milk from Spain.

Strawberry Body Yogurt leaves the skin feeling intensely moisturized with a healthy-looking, juicy glow.

Moringa Body Yogurt

Know someone that loves gardenia and honeysuckle? Then they'll love Moringa- the delicate flowery scent evokes the crispness of popular white florals.

The Body Shop Yogurts are renowned for instantly sinking into even damp skin - so you can take care of your daily moisturizing pretty much as soon as you’ve stepped out of the shower.

With the subtle scent of the delicate Moringa flower, this time-saving dream cream helps your skin to feel instantly smoother and intensely nourished.

Enriched with Moringa extract from India and Community Fair Trade organic almond milk from Spain, it’s lightweight, not greasy or sticky, and leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized.

Pink Grapefruit Body Yogurt

So Pink Grapefruit is my favorite Body Yogurt! It’s zingy and zesty and reminds me of Florida.

Experience its citrusy, fresh scent and skin that feels smooth and never sticky. The gel-cream is 100% vegan, enriched with grapefruit extract and Community Trade organic almond milk from Spain.

Massage into the skin whenever you need a hit of hydration. You can even apply it straight onto damp skin after showering.

Almond Milk Body Yogurt

This lightweight gel-cream is enriched with sweet almond oil and Community Fair Trade organic almond milk from Spain.

Sticky? Never. Just luxuriously hydrating, leaving your skin with a healthy-looking glow and smelling like sweet, nutty almonds.

Zesty Lemon Body Yogurt

My favorite limited edition scent released this year! It’s still available but once it’s gone- IT’S GONE.

Our Zesty Lemon scent is made with lemons that were too imperfect to be sold in grocery stores! How cool is that? Go on and give a little lemon a second chance.

It feels seriously refreshing and smells ridiculously zingy. Absorbs instantly for 48hrs moisture.

British Rose Body Yogurt

British Rose Body Yogurt instantly melts into damp post-shower skin, helping to moisturize and leaves behind the subtle scent of a bouquet of roses.

Yep, that’s right - all you need do is wash, slather and go. No need to linger after you’ve lathered waiting for moisturizers to sink in - our Body Yogurts are a super speedy time-saver that let you jump straight into your jeans, no clock-watching required.

Like all of The Body Shop Body Yogurts, this floral fancy is a vegan gel-cream that feels lightweight, not sticky. Enriched with rose extract from England and Community Fair Trade organic almond milk from Spain.

Mango Body Yogurt


I can’t say mango without saying it like Chris Kattan on SNL.

The refreshing Mango Body Yogurt is enriched with mango juice and Community Fair Trade organic almond milk from Spain. It will have you reminiscing about favorite beach vacations with umbrella drinks.

The Mango Body Yogurt is so juicy- it will literally make your mouth water.

The Body Yogurts make pampering yourself so fun and easy. Treat yourself or someone you like a lot to the soft scents and super hydration of body yogurt!

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